Grooming at The Pet Snobs Boutique!

grooming at the pet snobs boutique pet grooming philadelphia
grooming at the pet snobs boutique pet grooming philadelphia



Our cat grooming provides a soothing experience using natural products that are specifically made for a cat’s PH levels.

Pamper your pooch and give them the spa treatment with one of the following dog grooming services.

This package includes a brush out, sanitary trim, and a nail clip.

Bubble Bath
Includes a bath, brush out, nail trimming and ear cleaning.

Tiger Cut
Tame your long-haired feline with an all-over trim up. Includes the Bubble Bath services.

Lion Cut
A short length on the body with the mane, tail, and boots left long. Also, includes the Bubble Bath Service.

This package includes a nail clipping, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and a spritz of cologne.

Bubble Bath
Includes a bath, brush out, blow dry, nail trim and ear cleaning.

Feet, Face, Fanny
Includes the Bubble Bath plus a feet trim, face trim, and a sanitary.

Includes an all-over haircut or trim along with the services mentioned in the Bubble Bath.

Additional Services:

  • Dematting

  • Flea and Tick Removal

  • Anal Gland Expression

  • Teeth Brushing

  • Hair Coloring

  • Nail Polish

  • Straight Through Service

  • Pick Up/Drop Off

Walk-in Services:

  • Ear Cleaning ...................$10

  • Teeth Brushing ...............$10

  • Nail Clip ...........................$10

  • Nail Grind ........................$15

  • Anal Gland Expression $15

  • Brush Out ......................$20 +

  • Sanitary Shave .............$10 +

  • Paw + Pad Trim .............$15 +

Specialty Shampoo:

  • De-Shed Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Chlorhexidine Shampoo

  • Medicated Skin Remedy

  • Sulfur & Tar Shampoo

  • Hypo Shampoo & Creme Rinse

All prices are based on size, coat type, and temperament of your pet. A starting price will be quoted upon evaluation. Additional charges may be applied.

Please contact us for more information: 215-922-7662 or

Need help getting your pet to us or back home to you? We can help! Ask about our pick up and drop off services when booking your appointment, or click here.

Grooming Policies

Please be considerate of your groomers’ and other clients’ time. Grooming space and availability is limited.
For that reason, the following policies apply:

  • Late pick up: Once we call you to let you know your pet is ready, we allot a 1 hour grace period for you to arrive and pick up your pet. After the 1 hour period you will be charged $5 for each additional half hour.

  • Early drop off: If you arrive more than 30 minutes early for your appointment a fee may be applied to your service.

  • Late drop off: We have a 30 minute grace period for lateness from the start of your scheduled appointment. After the grace period you will be asked to reschedule.

  • Cancellations and rescheduling: Please cancel or reschedule your appointment with at least 24 hour notice.

  • Repeat cancellation deposit: Recurring cancellations or lateness may result in a deposit for future appointment requests. All deposits are non-refundable and will be applied to grooming services, unless forfeited by less than 24 hour cancellation period, and/or past our 30 minute grace period, of the scheduled appointment date and time.  

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