Sirius Black and Dottie Pet Snobs Philly
Jaci & Dara owners Pet Snobs Philadelphia

The Bosses

The true bosses of the store are Sirius Black and Dottie, two domestic short-hair cats. Both were failed fosters who climbed right into our hearts and who have made themselves at home.

Sirius Black is our part-time store cat and our full-time problem child. He is Epileptic and seems to pick up every issue that comes his way - his catch-phrase is "if there is a will, there is a Sirius". Our little fruity pebble has pretty much been with us since the beginning and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Ms. Dottie, aka Spotty Dottie, Potty Dottie, MooMoo, or Pretty Pretty Princess has been with us for since she was a kitten. Originally up for adoption with her brother and sister, she instantly bonded with Sirius and we could not bring ourselves to separate the pair. Dottie is about two years old and loves anything with a heartbeat. She will walk right up to any creature and is a great introductory to cats for any puppy or child.

The Housekeeping Staff

Dara and Jaci are the owners of The Pet Snobs Boutique in Philadelphia. We have been working together in the industry for over 5 years. Our mission started because we wanted to bring high quality food and products to local pet owners. Rather than packing a store full of every and any item we carefully hand-pick each product that enters the building. We are very involved in the neighborhoods surrounding our store and love being apart of the community. Jaci is the dog half of the team and has two of her own, Mac and Arthur. Dara, is the cat lady of the duo. She resides with her husband, Andy, and their two cats, Muffin and Weenie.